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Raise more fundraising dollars for your nonprofit.

How? By utilizing the four pillars of fundraising success: Data, Strategy, People and the Plan.

The Data
Using donor, channel, and appeal data, we will work in partnership with you to develop your annual fundraising campaigns and donor development goals.

The Strategy
We will work with you to identify your strategies and build your GOMAP for clear understanding of where you are today and how to get to where you want to go.

The People
Having a strong team that is motivated and excited about fundraising for the organization is critical to the success of a fundraising program. We will work with staff and board to provide individual fundraising workplans, performance metrics and training for a strong effective (and happy) team.

The Plan
In every great fundraising program there is a written and approved plan based on data driven strategies. Goals are clear and measurable . Everyone knows their roles and they know and agree to their tactics and deadlines. We will work with you and use the SMARTplan methodology to complete your fundraising and marketing plan. And, we don’t stop there, we will also teach you how to execute. 

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