You Need a Fundraising Plan and You Need it Now

Fundraising for a non-profit is not easy. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many nonprofits struggling to meet their revenue budgets. The sector is filled with amazing dedicated professionals who are trying hard (and working hard) to meet the revenue expectations of their CEO, their board and their donors; all wanting the same thing, that the mission of the organization can be delivered with excellence. These dedicated fundraising warriors are often overworked and frustrated as they find themselves pushed and pulled in a million directions, expected to perform miracles, producing cash where before there hasn’t been any. Sound familiar? In my nearly 20 years of raising money for non-profits, I’ve found very few resources that provide tangible ways to put fundraising strategies and best practices into a plan that can be implemented. Or in other words – a way to actually operationalize the strategies. There are books and blogs and conferences on how to raise more money, and you’ve probably used those resources or attended those conferences to help you with strategy, or how to write better donor communications, or how to cultivate major donors. The problem is, there is so much good advice out there that it’s hard to know what to do to execute on it while you also perform your day-to-day duties! Not to mention, your executive director, development team or board might not be aligned to the strategies you’ve so thoughtfully gathered – they can’t see what you will do to make the strategies pay off. But if you have a written plan, complete with data driven goals and strategies, assignments, deadlines and milestones – it’s amazing how quickly key stakeholders will back you up. And, how quickly revenue will increase. The magic bullet to raising more money? Plan the Work and Work the Plan. Writing a plan (especially while you’re also trying to raise money at the same time) is hard. So, this blog will give you easy to use, step by step instructions to write your fundraising plan and templates to help organize the strategies. Cool beans, right? Posts on planning will happen each Friday. Each post will include instructions, advice and templates to make plan writing simple; easy to finish and easy to act on (because what’s the point of writing a plan if you don’t have a great way to execute?) Remember, the person with the plan wins! Aimee

Author: Aimee Sheridan

Aimee has spent the last 20 years in non-profit leadership roles; raising revenue, awareness and building community partnerships to support services that care for those in need. Aimee’s signature strength has been in working with stakeholders to create comprehensive, integrated fundraising and marketing plans. By using data driven strategies focusing and on execution toward the goals, she has been able to help organizations increase their revenue because they are working on the right activities as part of the plan.

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